Green Point

Green Point Auto Parts (GAP) was established in March 1981, in a 6000 square foot barn formally a slaughterhouse, with approximately four acres of land. By 1984, GAP had 4-5 employees and a comfortable sales volume.

In late 1983, a 10-acre site in the same zone across the street was acquired for expansion. After a three-year battle with the city and an abutting owner, Green Point Auto Parts won Superior and Law Court decision and was given DEP approval for the site. GAP, now with its 12 employees, moved into a new 17,000 square foot building in April 1987, and sales jumped by 150%.

In 1988, Green Point Auto Parts won the Auto Recyclers of America (ARA) National Beautification Award for the 8-14 employees’ category. ATA also featured GAP in a national article, “You Can Beat City Hall.” Growth continued through 1993 to 14 employees and sales volume again doubled.

In 1993, Green Point Auto Parts was purchasing approximately 400 vehicles per year; with all saleable parts removed and stored in a warehouse. New protocols were established, that are still used to this day. Parts were, and are still to this day, entered into a computerized inventory system for easy classification . Gas tanks are removed and gas is stored in an approved gas buggy until employees use it. Oil and transmission fluid are removed and burned in an EPA approved waste oil furnace. All vehicle delivery is done by independent towing services. Less than 5% of total sales are scrap, the rest is sold as reusable parts.

On January 1, 1994, Green Point Auto Parts received a new 5 year Auto Recyclers License in place of the old “junkyard” license.

By the end of 1998, GAP had attained its sales goal for the year, and by 1999 the number of cars dismantled increased to 800.

As of January 2006, Green Point has 18 full time employees and our growth continues, with expected revenues quadrupling what they were just 15 years ago.